How Much Does a Wikipedia Page Cost and Why?

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A Wikipedia page costs £2040. The cost consists of a £240 charge for the preliminary notability assessment £900 consultation fee and a £900 commission when Google indexes the page. Fortunately, unlike most professional Wikipedia editors, I do not charge ongoing “protection fees”. Therefore, when you hire me to write a Wikipedia page, you pay for my time, skill and knowledge. Once Wikipedia accepts your page, your page belongs to the public. Therefore, it is not right for me to charge recurring fees.

I do not offer discounts to clients with pre-written “Wikipedia content”. Surprisingly, this approach takes up more time.

Wikipedia page cost = £900
A Wikipedia star.

How is the Wikipedia page cost broken down?

Preliminary Notability Assessment: £240

Upfront consultation fee: £900

Google indexing commission: £900

Total cost: £2040

I charge £900 upfront as a consultation fee. This payment covers my time and my expertise. The consultation fee also covers coding and uploading the page. However, the consultation fee does not guarantee that Wikipedia will keep your page. Wikipedia will only keep your page if you are;

  1. Notable
  2. Not trying to use Wikipedia as an advert space.

If you are in doubt, I recommend booking a notability assessment for £240 before hiring me to write a Wikipedia page.

If Google index Wikipedia’s entry about you, I will charge a £900 commission. This way, we split the risk equally between the client and the freelancer.

Aren’t Wikipedia pages supposed to be free?

Obviously, there’s always a chance that someone might make a page about you for free. For example, if you just won a major sporting event. However, if a volunteer writes a page about you, it won’t say what you want it to say. Furthermore, you won’t have the opportunity to sign off on the content. Officially, the Wikimedia Foundation says you don’t need to pay for a page. However, unless you are an A-list celebrity or in the news for the wrong things, it is unlikely that a volunteer will write a page about you.

What happens if the page gets taken down before Google index the page, does this impact the Wikipedia page cost?

If Wikipedia’s entry about you gets taken down before day Google indexes it, I will look at the reasons why and advise you on a re-upload strategy. However, my consultation fee is non-refundable because;

  1. The process takes time.
  2. I ask to be paid for my time regardless of whether the page sticks or not.
  3. Publishing Wikipedia pages for money involves risk.
  4. For fairness, both parties should split the risk equally between them.

If you believe that you qualify for a Wikipedia page, get in touch to book a preliminary notability assessment.

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