How much does a professional Wikipedia consultant cost?

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One-hour consultation: £60 – payment upfront.

Do you have a specific Wikipedia related question that you would like answered? Perhaps you are wondering if your project is possible or maybe you have a particular problem and would like to know what your options are? The volunteers over at Wikipedia aren’t going to help you, and they certainly aren’t going to give you straight answers, that’s why I am here to provide you with honest answers to your questions and put forward workable solutions or tell you when something isn’t going to work. I can offer consultations either by phone, skype or e-mail.

Two-hour consultation (notability assessment): £120 – payment upfront.

Have you ever wondered if you or your company qualify for a Wikipedia page? Would you like a Wikipedia page but don’t want to take the plunge unless you know you have a good chance of getting accepted. For £120, I will go over all of your company’s earned media and let you know if you have a good chance of getting a page accepted and advise you on the best strategy.

Please note: passing a notability assessment does not guarantee your Wikipedia page will be accepted. I have seen company pages with virtually no earned media stick and company pages with extensive earned media deleted. Ultimately it depends on which members of Wikipedia’s volunteer team see your page and whether they think your company’s Wikipedia page is worth including in their encyclopaedia.

Page editing: £800 £600 consultation fee + £800 £600 commission. Total cost £1600 £1200

Do you or your business have an existing Wikipedia page which, for whatever reason, is languishing in a quagmire of old news, deprecated sources and unsourced nonsense? Perhaps your page is full of ugly maintenance tags and issues which you would like resolved? Or maybe you would like further alignment with Wikipedia’s content policies, so you don’t fall foul of the FTC’s more stringent covert advertising and influencer marketing regulations.

While I can’t whitewash history or turn your Wikipedia page into an advert or CV, I can bring it in line with Wikipedia’s content policies and add any reliably sourced updates needed.

For clarification, before editing Wikipedia, I plan my edits using an edit plan, which I will present as a Word Document. I find that as well as helping the live edits run smoothly, having an edit plan in-place helps to manage client expectations.

The £800 consultation fee covers thorough edit planning and implementation of the edit plan using WikiNative’s proprietory method.

Consultation fees must be paid in full before your project begins.

Clients pay an £800 commission 28-days after implement the edit plan on Wikipedia.

I often get requests to post or restore advertorial content on Wikipedia. I do not post anything that one could reasonably interpret as an advert; it won’t stick, it’s unethical and above all undisclosed covert advertising is illegal. Furthermore, I do not make any edits which may influence share prices, house prices, art prices or legal proceedings. However, having accurate and objective information about you or your business on Wikipedia may provide indirect benefits.

If you have specific questions about what is and isn’t allowed on Wikipedia, please book a one-hour consultation for £60.

Please note I cannot add images unless they are already present on Wikipedia Commons under a Creative Commons, Share-Alike 4.0 license.

How much does a Wikipedia page cost?

Page creation – £1200 £900 split into two phases

Phase 1: Research and drafting – £600 £450 upfront

Research doesn’t just mean researching the subject. When I take on a new project, I also research everything from Wikipedia’s policies and guidelines to which templates I should be using. Wikipedia pages summarise everything that reliable, independent sources say about a subject. Therefore, when researching a topic, I am explicitly looking for earned media. I cannot use any paid media when researching you or your company, including company websites and press releases.

It is advisable to check if your company has enough earned media to create a reasonably in-depth Wikipedia entry. If you are unsure if you or your company qualify for a Wikipedia page, I recommend booking a two-hour consultation/notability assessment.

Please note, it is the client’s responsibility to check that they are notable enough for Wikipedia, not mine.

Phase 2: Uploading – £600 £450 upon completion

Prospective clients often ask me if I can upload content that they have written themselves. The answer is always no. While I allow some input in the draft creative process, for an upload to be successful, a neutral third party must write the content. It is also worth noting that if I were to upload someone else’s content, I would be in breach of copyright.

Successful uploads are all about security and strategy. I avoid detection by using a clean account running on a residential IP address and I use a heavily modified browser to negate Wikipedia’s tracking efforts.

The upload phase is fraught with risk; therefore, I will only invoice you for a successful invoice once Google has indexed the page or once the page has remained live for one month.

Other services

This list is by no means extensive. If you have a specific problem and you would like to know if there is anything I can do to help, do not hesitate to book a one-hour consultation for £60.