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Notability Assessment - page creation

Are you notable enough for a Wikipedia entry?

£ 240

One off payment

Have you ever wondered if you or your company qualify for a Wikipedia page? Would you like a Wikipedia page but don’t want to take the plunge unless you know you have a good chance of getting accepted. For £240, I will go over up to ten pieces of earned media that specifically feature you or your organisation.

  • Please note: passing a notability assessment does not guarantee your Wikipedia page will be accepted. I have seen company pages with virtually no earned media stick and company pages with extensive earned media deleted. Ultimately it depends on which members of Wikipedia’s volunteer team see your page and whether they think your company’s Wikipedia page is worth including in their encyclopaedia.
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Draft Review - page creation only

Get your business' Wikipedia content reviewed by a professional

£ 120

One off payment

Do you have a Wikipedia page that keeps getting rejected? Would you like to know if your Wikipedia content is likely to succeed or not? If you would like me to take a look at your homemade Wikipedia content and give you some pointers, order my draft review service for just £120.

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Viability Assessment - page editing

Can I reconcile your goals with Wikipedia's?

£ 360

One off payment

Wikipedia’s policies and guidelines are very restrictive. Therefore, it might be worth booking a viability assessment before placing an order for an editing project with me. My viability assessments cost £360 upfront. Once complete, I will give you a clearer idea of whether your editing project is likely to succeed, what is likely to work and what isn’t.

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Page Editing

Page Editing Deluxe

For seriously incomplete pages which require significant work

£ 3000


My deluxe package is for long-form pages with many references and significant content issues. My deluxe package includes meta strategies such as Image uploading and Google knowledge graph optimisation. I plan my edits using an edit plan, which I will present as a Google Document. My deluxe package costs £1500 upfront, with a further £1500 commission due upon completion of the project.

Pay £1500 Consultation Fee

Page Editing Premium

For moderately incomplete pages which need a little more work

£ 1800

£900 upfront + £900 billable upon completion

Do you or your business have an existing Wikipedia page that, for whatever reason, is languishing in a quagmire of old news, deprecated sources, and unsourced nonsense? Perhaps your page is full of ugly maintenance tags and issues you would like resolved? Or maybe you would like further alignment with Wikipedia's content policies so you don't fall foul of the FTC's more stringent covert advertising and influencer marketing regulations. While I can't whitewash history or turn your Wikipedia page into an advert or CV, I can bring it in line with Wikipedia's content policies and add any reliably sourced updates needed.

Pay £900 Consultation Fee

Page Editing Basic

For small fixes

£ 1600

£800 consultation fee + £800 commission billable upon completion

I offer a basic editing package for smaller projects involving fewer than five sources and 2000 words. Like my premium package, I make edits that comply with Wikipedia’s content policies. Therefore, other editors are unlikely to undo my revisions. If I think an edit is likely to be reverted I won’t make it. While I can't whitewash history or turn your Wikipedia page into an advert or CV, I can bring it in line with Wikipedia's content policies and add any reliably sourced updates needed.

Pay £800 Consultation Fee

Please note: I often get requests to post or restore advertorial content on Wikipedia. I do not post anything that one could reasonably interpret as an advert; it won’t stick, it’s unethical, and above all undisclosed covert advertising is illegal. Furthermore, I do not make any edits that may influence share prices, house prices, art prices, or legal proceedings. However, having accurate and objective information about you or your business on Wikipedia may provide indirect benefits.

Page Creation

Page Creation - Premium

For a more in-depth page with an info-box, sub headings, five or more sources and over 400 words of encyclopaedic content.

£ 1800

£900 consultation fee + £900 commission (you will be charged when Google index the page)

Phase 1: £900 consultation fee includes research, writing, revisions, coding and uploading.
Phase 2: I will monitor the page and charge you a £900 commission for a job well done as soon as Google index the page

Pay £900 Consultation Fee

Research doesn’t just mean researching the subject. When I take on a new project, I also research everything from Wikipedia’s policies and guidelines to which templates I should be using. Wikipedia pages summarise everything that reliable, independent sources say about a subject. Therefore, when researching a topic, I am explicitly looking for earned media. I cannot use any paid media when researching you or your company, including company websites and press releases.

It is advisable to check if your company has enough earned media to create a reasonably in-depth Wikipedia entry. If you are unsure if you or your company qualify for a Wikipedia page, I recommend booking a two-hour consultation/notability assessment.

Please note: it is the client’s responsibility to check that they are notable enough for Wikipedia, not mine.

Full Package

Ongoing support

For ongoing Wikipedia editing powers

£ 4800

£4800 billed monthly

Would you like the power to control Wikipedia? For £4800 per month upfront, The Power is yours. Having the power means that whenever you see something on Wikipedia (not just a Wikipedia page about you but any page) that you feel Wikipedia’s coverage is unfair or straight-up nonsense, I will help you get it fixed. The Power is the most powerful tool in online communications.
The power is exclusive, I only take on one power client at a time.

  • The Power gives you: Ongoing page maintenance. The Power to edit Wiki-Data. Ten hours per week of my time.
  • The power to edit any Wikipedia page you wish. The power to import images to WikiMedia Commons.
  • The power to nominate Wikipedia entries for deletion. Advice on how to make your current PR strategy more Wikipedia friendly.
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