What different types of professional Wikipedia writers exist?

Who writes Wikipedia? Are they paid? I get asked this question at least once a week. While most Wikipedia editors work for free, some get paid. Professional Wikipedia…

admin December 2, 2021

Company Wikipedia Pages Require Notability, Not Fame.

As the UK’s foremost professional Wikipedia editor, potential clients often ask me, how do I get-round Wikipedia’s notability requirements? Are there…

admin February 19, 2021

Paid Wikipedia Editing Fails Spotted by Professional Wikipedia Editors: Part Two

I have chosen Naivety as the central theme of this blog because it is what Wikipedia look for when identifying paid Wikipedia editing. Naivety typically presents…

admin November 5, 2020

Paid Wikipedia Editing UK: Fails Spotted by a professional Wikipedia Editor: Part One.

I’ve seen some shocking paid Wikipedia editing fails during my time as a prominent UK-based professional Wikipedia editor, Just to be clear. I am not about…

admin October 8, 2020

Three reasons why companies should hire a Wikipedia specialist

Although you may think you don’t need a Wikipedia specialist, you do. Professional Wikipedia editing is hard. It is not as easy as creating content and clicking…

admin March 13, 2020

Wikipedia Writing vs Regular Content Writing

So, what are the similarities and differences between regular content writing and writing for Wikipedia?

admin June 4, 2019