The steps

There are three steps in my page creation process. Payment is required upfront unless stated otherwise.

  1. Preliminary notability assessment: £240 (a draft review is an additional £120)
  2. Drafting, revisions, Coding and uploading: £900
  3. Google Indexing: £900 (charged when Google index the page)

Preliminary notability assessment for a new Wikipedia page creation

Wikipedia’s notability criteria for new page creations vary from subject to subject. A company or product must meet Wikipedia’s general notability criteria. In contrast, athletes, actors and academics have a broader set of subject-specific notability criteria. The page will stick if a subject is notable and the entry is free of content violations. Therefore, I advise prospective subjects to undergo a preliminary notability assessment. Additionally, I offer a draft review service for an extra £120. Please purchase a draft review alongside your notability assessment if you want me to look at your proposed Wikipedia content.

Drafting and revisions

I build each page creation around reliable, secondary sources that feature the subject in significant depth and I only use primary sources to verify axiomatic statements. When executed correctly, my approach yields valuable content that Wikipedia’s community keep.

I use Google documents to facilitate client feedback and revision requests. I do not accept feedback or revisions via email.

Coding and uploading

I have full page creation rights on all my Wikipedia accounts. Therefore, I can bypass Wikipedia’s lengthy draft review process and publish legitimate articles directly to Wikipedia’s article space. Direct uploading reduces publication times from three to six months to three to six hours.

Google Indexing a new page creation

When we publish a new page creation on Wikipedia, we effectively release it into the public domain under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike Licence 3.0 licence. Unlike my competitors, I don’t charge ongoing “protection fees” because neither Wikipedia nor its content belongs to me. Moreover, I am not Tony Soprano. Therefore, I don’t touch the page after I upload it.

Google indexes information that it believes its readers will find useful. Luckily, Wikipedia has provided useful information to Google for over twenty years. So, expect Google to take one to two weeks to index your project.

You can find more information on my new page creation procedure in my blog.