I encourage all prospective editing clients to purchase a preliminary viability assessment before embarking on a Wikipedia editing project. Company Wikipedia pages and Wikipedia biography pages are hard to maintain. And Wikipedia’s content policies and guidelines prohibit the literary devices that public relations copywriters use. While you can’t turn Wikipedia’s entry about you into an advert, you can improve its visual, technical and methodological quality. Wikipedia ranks its pages from stub-class to start-class to C-class, B-class and A-class. Consequently, I encourage my clients to elevate Wikipedia’s content about them via this ranking system. I find this approach negates negative content better in the long run. Therefore, prospective clients can expect a concise, low-maintenance, epistemically sound Wikipedia entry after working with me.

How does the editing process work?

  • If your preliminary viability assessment is successful and I take you on, we will plan the edits and edit summaries using an edit plan.
  • I create edit plans by copying and pasting the existing content into a Google document and highlighting the existing content in blue.
  • I examine the page’s existing content and remedy any technical or epistemic issues.
  • I remove any unsourced or poorly sourced content.
  • I research the subject in-depth and add new content in green.
  • I painstakingly examine Wikipedia’s content policies and guidelines to find a rationale to justify my edits in good faith.
  • I double-check the edit plan for content-policy violations.
  • I execute the edit plan using my proprietary method.

Why purchase a preliminary viability assessment?

However, clients come to me with specific aims and objectives. Some client edit requests are viable. And some are not. Therefore, before I onboard a client, I like to assess their objectives and report my findings. I call this written report a viability assessment.

Click here to book a preliminary viability assessment or request an invoice by emailing james@wikinative.com. Do not send me your edit requests without booking a preliminary viability assessment.

The written assessment will look at the client’s edit requests and the page’s background and identify areas for improvement. If I deem your project viable, I recommend my basic, premium or deluxe package or give a custom quote if the project is too large for my deluxe editing package.