When searching for a professional Wikipedia editor, PR executives often try to bulk-buy business Wikipedia pages. Every start-up wants a business Wikipedia page. As well as commissioning a company Wikipedia page; some companies also try to commission entries for the CEO, CFO, CMO and several of its products or services.

Bulk buying is an excellent way of saving money if you are buying a commodity. However, professional Wikipedia editing is all about strategy. More often than not, creating multiple encyclopaedia entries when one will suffice is a bad strategy.

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Why do professional Wikipedia editors try to create multiple pages for their clients?

Usually, marketers see many business Wikipedia pages relate to Apple or Ford and want to emulate that for their businesses. Subjective importance also plays a part. Often a start-up’s employees dedicate every waking hour of their lives to that company. They start to believe their business is equal in stature to Silicon Valley’s mega giants and subsequently warrant separate company Wikipedia pages.

A myth that company Wikipedia pages help search engine optimisation exists

Creating multiple business Wikipedia pages can be tempting for copywriters and paid Wikipedia editors. Marketing and PR professionals percieve SEO benefits from having multiple Wikipedia links. However, there’s little evidence that link-spamming Wikipedia does anything positive for your business’ search engine results or reputation.

Wikipedia limits the number of links a company Wikipedia page can contain to that organisation to one link per page. While making multiple Wikipedia listings may seem like good a loophole, it’s not.

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First time Wikipedia writers usually seek inspiration from other business Wikipedia pages

When copywriters turn their hand to professional Wikipedia editing, they usually read the entries Apple or Samsung for inspiration. Major corporations, usually technology-based, often have such a high profile that one Wikipedia page covering all accepted knowledge about that subject would be unwieldy.

Where large clusters of knowledge exist, Wikipedia editors usually break the subject into different pages for that topic. For example, as well as a page for Apple Inc the corporate entity, there’s a separate page for the history of Apple Inc. Multiple Wikipedia entries for Apple exist because there’s a lot of source material about them. There are so many books, journals and newspaper articles covering the history of Apple that a section on Apple’s history eclipse the entire article.

How many company Wikipedia pages should you create for your business?

As with most paid Wikipedia editing, the main objective is, don’t get caught. Wikipedia bust inexperienced paid editors when they attempt to create pages for an organisation, several of its key people and products. The entries might contain the exact same source material. It’s often unclear whether the company’s chief marketing officer or latest gadget has enough notability to warrant a separate Wikipedia page.

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A professional Wikipedia editor’s advice

Today, everyone wants a business Wikipedia page. As an experienced professional Wikipedia editor, I advise my clients to start small. Start with one entry about the most notable entity in your cluster. Think of your business as a cluster of knowledge; within that cluster, there may exist subjects that qualify for a Wikipedia page and topics that don’t. Aim to cover subjects that meet Wikipedia’s notability criteria and leave out subjects that don’t.

If you are wondering if you or your business qualifies for a Wikipedia page, I suggest booking a notability assessment with me for £120.